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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  January 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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the worst in a decade. >> compared to this year. the flu is off to a slow and late start. doctors are warning people. don't get caught off guard. >> . more on how to protect your health. >> the virus is hard to predict. just because we haven't seen a high number of cases doesn't mean it's not coming. the good news with the late start, is that people who haven't gotten the flu shot yet.
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>> illness she's been trying to fight off for two weeks. >> you know you keep thinking that the over the counter stuff will work. and had hasn't. >> unable to rid herself of the sick s pbs. she's made the trek into to the doctor. she's not alone. doctor says after a late and mild start to the cold and flu season. the number of people coming in to be treated is increasing. >> you can still get a flu shot. colorado.
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protection you can give yourself to help stave off sickness. >> it takes one or two weeks to give you immunity. that can provide a good amount of protection. >> waiting two weeks to see a doctor is where she wishes she could turn back the clock. >> . >> there are other ways to protect yourself and others from the cold and flu. just good reminder. make sure to watch your hands throughout the day. carry hand sanitizer with you. and if you are coughing or around others who are. a mask is a good way to stop the spread of germs.
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>> it did get a little warm. broncos steelers forecast. one week from today. kick off. at 2:40. next sunday. by that point i think we'll have sunshine. maybe a very small chance for a couple flurries -fpt doesn't look that great. and will be chilly. al know not as cold as a couple weeks back. when it was the chargers came to town. we had the temperature ins the teens. >> if you peeked out doors earlier today. you may have seen the haze hanging over the city. we have an air quality alert. we're in the unhealthy for sensitive groups cats tkpwoeur. it means if you have respiratory problems.
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make sure you stay inside. and not exert yourself out doors for a long period of time. considering there's a hrolt of pollutants hanging around. that will continue through tomorrow afternoon. right around four o'clock. before the winds start to pick up downtown. that should mix out and fade away. meanwhile it's cold air. ravages us now. 20 degrees downtown. 202 around parker at this point. 0 greeley. this morning in greeley it was tpreupbld. well hre >> that still didn't put us any where close to our average high. for this time of year. right around 44 degrees. over night tonight. it may not be as cold as the single digits. it will be close. 12 for the low. and a light wind on top of that. we're looking at windchills likely in the single digits as the kids start off school. early tomorrow morning.
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foothill locations. morning. 20, 30 miles per hour winds. that won't translate into the metro until late in the day. meanwhile we have plenty of sunshine. up and down the front range. and into the plains. meanwhile back through the high country. we saw plenty of cloud cover. maybe a few light snow showers in a couple spots that faded away. by the time 3 or four o'clock came around. keep it quiet through the over night. partly mainly clear skies. that will pave the way for sunshine. tomorrow afternoon. and other than a couple flurries in the high country. you can expect partly to mainly collude tkeu skies. through monday. >> . 12 over night tonight. starry conditions downtown. last night we got a dense fog advisory. we could see fog again. right around the i 76 corridor. maybe north of downtown denver. to fort collins. along i 25. be careful out there.
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>> a cold front late thursday night and friday. drops us into the 30s for highs. with maybe some snow. friday into saturday morning. >> as long as it's nice for the game. >> . local business owners heading to washington dc for the president's final state aouft of
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a kwrupbgs couple in tennessee reconnects after they were nearly killed in a car crash on new years day. stkphr. >> a photograph of the two captured the moment the two reconnected. why the picture is touching so many lives. >> . as a tkpwr-fbg design student
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she always hoped her work would get noticed. but this, she never saw coming. >> we're at 38 thousand shares. >> . the 21 year-old and her boyfriend were on the way home on friday night. >> it was new years day. >> neither one remembers how it happened. but at one point, hunters pickup truck slammed into this bridge support. >> i don't know how we lived. >> the picture of hunters hang -ld mangled car provides contacts he's at home recovering in florida. forehead. >> it a different moment captured inside her hospital room. that social media can't stop sharing. >> . all i cared about was seeing her. and making sure she was okay. >> no caption necessary. their looks. their eyes. and neck braces. were enough. >> . anybody who looks at the photograph can tell obviously something happened. and both of us were making sure
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>> so far the picture has made its way arpbdz the world. >> neither understand how. >> he found a way to protect my heart and give he a hug. >> the messages they received from strangers show why. >> we have gotten hundreds of messages. >> >> it changed their a life changing moment. that apparently has changed lives. and not just theirs. >> . i'm happy. that so many people have been touched by it. great moment. >> beautiful. >> president obama delivering his final state of the union address. on tuesday. and a local business owner is going to be among those in attendance. >> she speaks with fox 31 denver about the special honor.
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>> will be watching president obama state of the union address. on tuesday. >> the local businesswoman is headed to washington dc. as a personal guest of the first lady. >> . in an interview. tammy vigil tells us why she's the only coloradoen with the inhavation. >> . invitation. >> . it's an invitation that makes her feel as lucky as her company's name sake. >> i thought it was a complete joke. >> p-td president obama will recognize her as a small business owner. during his speech. especially since. >> i'm a republican. >> rice knows political affiliations have nothing to do with it.
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it took a lot o of hard work. >> and everything to do with the growth of her honey. over 90 years and five generations. growing from humble beginnings of door to door sales. to operations over seas. >> >> i just want to watch my mom's face. and watch her and see what she does when she gets to meet michelle. and mr. obama.
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an experience. about as sweet as it gets. >> . i have known nothing but the honey business. that's all i have ever known. to be honored hraoeublg like this. it's awesome. >> . quite the experience. you can catch the president's final state of union speech. right here on fox. 7 p.m. we'll see if he calls out her name. as a personal story for his policy proposal. >> suspected drunk driver in custody tonight. when officers say they heard 3 gunshots. that's when a truck flew by the officer.
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saved this man. israel. was driving. investigators say he started making comments about wanting the officers to kill him. and allegedly immediate a motion of appearing to grab a gun. officers used stun guns and arrested him. he's being held in boulder county jail. >> . drug lord behind bars. up mexican officials are focuses on a set secret meeting between the convict. and actor shawn pen. >> . >> days after drug kingpin el chap o was captured. following his second escape from prison in july. mexican authorities are now turning their interest to actor shawn pen. mexican officials want to question him over the reported secret meeting he had with the drug lord. on saturday. rolling stone published an article written by pen. featuring an interview done by video messaging. >> how did you get involved in
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>> . age 15 and on. where i'm from. i was raised in a ranch. in that area, until today, there are no job opportunities. >> they met in person in october. during the sit down the drug lord agreed to an interview. at a later time. >> drug trafficking that's false. friday. when forces raided a home in the coastal city. five of his people were killed in the shoot out. 6 others arrested. he was later captured at a nearby motel. drug lord broke out of a high security prison in july. threu through this tunnel.
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charged. >> >> mexican attorney general said extradition is set to begin. but didn't specify when. the united states sought his extradition in june. before he escaped. drug lord is included in at least 7 drug related indictments and various u.s. jurisdictions. >> the convoy should reach the city. within days. and this deployment comes off the united nations received credible reports of people die diana spencerring of starvation
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surrounded by syria government forces. >> >> ahead in sports. the avs go for a fourth straight win. we'll have an update on the game in progress. from chicago. >> wild card weekend is a wrap.
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>> all right. elite 8 of the nfl. 32 teams down to 8. still with the chance to win super-bowl 50. that will take place later in month. we told you the top of the newscast. broncos know now their opponent. the steelers. more on that in a minute. because first up today's games. now this one you saw go downright here. rogers, packers on the road. skins. early on, cousins throwing. reed catching.
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made it eleven to nothing. washington early on. right back comes rogers. >> skins score first. after that it was all packers. >> packers play ads next week. >> early game now. sea hawks on the road. beautiful. balmy. minnesota today. look at that. game tied for the third coldest in play off history. minus 6 degrees. look at this crazy guy.
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>> minnesota. here they come. pick up a 24 yards. 26 seconds to go. the veteran. 27 yard chip shot. and it is. you got to be kidding me. just flat hooks it. blame on the holder. there's the laces there. >> . put some of the blame on the holder. although. the sea hawks lucky. they're marching on. playing carolina next weekend.
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>> . >> before that. ben was also injured. he's dealing with what's being reported as a sprained ac joint. in his shoulder. >> . he did under go an mri today. he will try to play. brown meanwhile will under go. concussion protocol. his status still very much questionable. as for the broncos players. they said all week long they didn't care who they play. they were just anxious to play some post season football. >> road to the championship.
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3 to two. lead cut to one. after that it's been all chicago. check out the score. they lead 6 to 2. in the third period. avs need a good come back. to get to within striking distance. >> . home team still not doing well >> . 0 and 4. mark tweeted that out. i didn't realize that. yeah. so much for the home field advantage. stkphr. that will change. next week.
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first time it ever happened in wild card weekend history. >> interesting stat. >> . we should switch jobs. >> . i stole that one. >> . 80s and sunshine all week right.
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